Thursday, September 10, 2009

When a tree hit's a woman

or a woman hits a tree. I've helped a lot of people out of the woods in my short mountain biking career and it's never a good thing. I remember the Red Raja used to have these business cards that said "don't get hurt in the woods alone". He got that one right. So on our usual wed night ride in the Tillamook state Forrest the conditions were perfect for a ride. Barely sprinkling and moist trails. Jeremy,Tammy and I took off in the front and were flying along enjoying the dirt flying up in the air. Jeremy and I get to the first bridge and we were having some serious fun. The mood changed quick when Ned came walking down the trail and said Tammy had maybe broken her arm. not good. So we hiked back up the hill and sure enough she was on the ground and in some serious pain. It looked to me like her shoulder was dislocated or worse. I guess she hit a root,went OTB and shoulder first into a tree. We hiked her up to the road and soon Aaron showed up with a car to get back to the parking lot. Off to the Hospital. She was tough all the way there and while we waited for the doctor and x rays. 6 weeks to heal she Say's. She'll be back soon stronger than ever.

Heal fast Tammy!

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M. Estes said...

I know that feeling. Get Well soon!