Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Karate Monkey finally see's dirt

So, I've been riding the Karate Monkey for a while now but not off road until today. The K.M. is a 29" wheeled mountain bike. Normal Mtb's have 26" wheels. Mine is set up really simple with a rigid fork, Mech disc brakes and two speeds. Ride or walk. I heard about a ride they we're doing at Growlers Gulch that was for guy's new to the sport so i figured that would be a good way to test it out. I got there early so i could warm up a bit and see how the bike felt. Felt good! I kept hitting stuff with my foot so i guess the bottom bracket is lower than I'm used to, and no plowing through the root's and rocks. Good line choice was my goal for the day. I met up with Jeep and Paul who are trail builders in this system and they do a great job. There was about 8 others i think but i didn't really catch their names. I rode a few new trails and they were a blast. Good downhills with a climb thrown in for good measure. There's always a climb on the dh sections at Growlers. I really liked the Karate Monkey on dirt, even with the rigid fork. I think i should have had a different gear ratio but that is easily fixed. Looking forward to riding up there again soon.

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bombing4x said...

Sounds pretty cool! Now, let's hear more about that NWD9 premier party and the drive home... :-O