Saturday, October 17, 2009

Black Rock Shuttle day

The WESTSIDE TRAIL FEDERATION sponsored their 2nd shuttle day at the Black Rock trails located near Falls City Oregon. 7 hours of not riding up hill can't be bad. Transition was there with a full fleet of bikes to demo and a lot of stoked riders ready to rip. Then the rain came. It dumped really hard but hey...this ain't Idaho. So the riders kept riding and the drivers kept driving. Fat Larry was keeping it loose, Flying J hit 30 mph up the hill, and I drove the BIG box truck and managed to turn it around and back it down over and over with out getting stuck or going over the edge . I think there was around 150 people and and more counting the volunteers. Oh.. April was there too. Great Oregon riding.

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bombing4x said...

I liked the Idaho shot. Sweet.