Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Wilson River Trail

I've ridden this trail on a few other occasions but when Daver said he hadn't I had renewed interest. Louis hadn't ridden it either , so it was time to introduce them. The forecast was for 72 deg and I was ready for some short sleeved riding.  Driving past a few trail heads I noticed how packed they were and I was thinking the trail would be crowded. Nope. I guess everyone stopped at Gales Creek. Anyway...parked and started riding. The trail was in really good shape with a few tree's down and a lot of Forrest litter.  This trail is an up and down trail so we were climbing and descending. The last 2 times I had ridden here I was on my SS so riding with gears was great fun. I still struggle on the climbs but I'm not  ashamed to walk.  Beautiful weather and scenery. We got to a high point about 5 miles in and came across a massive slide that took out the trail. We crossed and there was another, then another. After the 4th one we figures the one mile decent we were looking forward to was lost because we would be getting off the bikes so much. Snack break and then turn around. Louis says " Yikes!, there's a bug on my hip." I say " Smash it" He say's  "It won't Smash" This goes on back and forth for a bit when he finally says " Will you help me" So I check it out and it's a Tick. What!? A tick in NW Oregon? What the tick is that about?.  I got it out and he was  ready to head out and shower and make sure he was tick free. So on the 5 miles back there was plenty of tick related comments by Dave and myself. Louis has a good sense of humor.  The last 2 miles Louis dropped the hammer and Dave and I were starting to lose our legs. I wonder if Louis was trying to get as back for the Tick comments? Hmmm.  back to the truck and headed back to make it in time for Church. While unloading,  Eric from across the grass asked us where we were riding and I told him where and about the tick. He said his Wife got one at Hagg lake ( a nearby trail) Man..first the swine flue and now ticks in a wet section of Oregon. What's next?  great ride regardless.  Spring is here!

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