Sunday, April 19, 2009

Riding with a bunch of punk kid's

It was supposed to be 70-ish on Sat so I figured we should do a mountain bike with our whole family. Even Olivia. As a good parent I thought I could pull her on the trail a bike on the single track no problem. Well, it was no problem for me but she ended up getting a little scared when we were going to fast and ridding over log's. It was Solomon's first REAL mtb ride and he did great. We even had Jim and all his kid's and Brian(king of flooring) . So that was like....9 kids and 4 adults. Quite a show. When some of the smaller kids were tired they climbed trees.  as usual ,  everyone had a good time  and someone wrote in the dirt  on my van again. At least this time it didn't say " Free Candy Inside"

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