Sunday, January 18, 2009

Syncline and a bit of Post Canyon

Great day and ride. Crazy windy but still fun. They were getting 70 mph gusts  in the Gorge so we were wondering about the wisdom of our decision . I said to Jamie " Let's will be an adventure" so we did.  It was Jamie, Derek,  Raul, and we met up with Fat Larry and Mr Clean later. On the way down I 84 the winds were howling. The Maing bus would jump 3 feet out of the lane every few minutes. We got to Syncline , which is on the Washington side of the Columbia and we noticed right away the the wind was at least half the strength it was in Portland. We may live to ride another day after all. We headed up to the top and there was a little snow on the road but it was no big deal, but it was colder.  Geared up , we were ready to ride and headed down. We realized that there was a bit of snow( actually ice) where the trees made it hard for the sun to get through.  Jamie went down twice and I just drug my feet. Out in the open it was quite a view. The trail skirts the edge of a cliff that is like 400 feet or more down to the rocks. A rider died there like 3 years ago . I guess he crashed close to edge and ..... well you know.  Into "Little Moab" we were attacking the rocks. Pretty tech sections. I didn't crash so i was having fun. At the bottom we picked up Larry and did another run. Then too many people were showing up so we headed to check out Post. Kind of early in the season for that so we couldn't get up too high. We hung around and sessioned Family man, Middle school and drop out to stay warm. It was like 32 Deg.  After an hour or so we headed for home. The wind got to be so crazy that we stopped to take some video and a few pic's. Great to get back out with those guys. looking forward to the next ride.

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