Saturday, April 12, 2008

A nice day?

That's a rare thing lately around here, but guess what. 78 deg today and it was on a weekend to boot. (whatever that means) Rode some great single track with Chip and his daughter, Dave, and 2 of my kid's(Otto and Louis). We started at a fast pace and since the winter has been long Louis started bonking early but i kept him going by saying inspiring things like " Keep Going".

I'm still on the single speed as my other trail bike's are not built right now. It's good though, just stand up and pedal. Trail condition's were PERFECT, with only a few muddy spots. Creek crossings were bigger than the last time but that make for some exciting kid riding. We fooled around on some log rides and generally enjoyed riding and not being cold. Otto hit this log over that was half the size of his wheels(and since he's on 24" wheels that's big) and managed to make it over. I may half to check his big ring for bent teeth, or just get him a bash ring. It's always fun riding trails with the kid's, cause you never know what's going to happen.

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