Sunday, February 24, 2008

The last three rides

The last 3 rides at Falls City have been pretty fun. I saw the completion of the new and improved Sunday Stroll trail and the new HUGE take off for the ET jump. Pedaling into that all i good see was the jump. Kind of intimidating. Of course Mtn Rider was doing some sweet move on it,like hitting his head on a branch. Maing had a bowell jarring crash. I rolled into the lower section of Grannys foot. That is a cool section. More trail like that please. I had a good crash in Basic, when i nosed in of a down hill drop. Wheel,head then shoulder. I love soft dirt. Fat Larry was hitting up Sunday Stroll and cased so hard that he smashed his wheel. I thought those Atom Lab rims were strong. Not strong enough. He was out for the day ,so he figured he would ask his Girl to marry him. Chip hit the ski jump up top and cartwheeled almost into a tree. Very exciting. I got Dave out there for the first time and he liked the taste of the Black rock dirt. Crazy Jake's kid face planted and got some blood on the ground. The new ladder drop after the Halo drop is sweet. We hit that like 3 times. Irish Rob did the cliff drop and the drop won. Lot's more cool stuff went down.Jamie and I thought we we're working for a tool company at times but that's how it is sometimes.

Spring is coming!

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bombing4x said...

Great stuff. Casey Dave et al - I gotta come ride this stuff soon!