Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The Red Raja and I headed up Fri night and arrived at 4am. Coyotes running around lot 1 which was cool, so we pulled over and slept for maybe 4 hours then hit the mountain. We did one lower mountain run and one from the top before we met up with friends from home, Whiplash, Mtnrider, and Grahmski. Then we did like 6 back to back runs from the top. We rode Freight trail, Original sin,No Joke, Side track, No Duff, A line, Dirt merchant, In Deep. When i was by my self once i rode Heart of Darkness, B line, Crank it up , Ho chi men, and some others. The weather was perfect. Blue sky's and dry dirt. It was so great riding IN DEEP with 4 great riders from home. We we're riding tight through all the roots and rocks (and they're was a lot) not knowing what was around the next corner. That the kind of trails i like. The kind that are trying to kill you. The Raja had the cool move of the day when he hit a pot hole in the parking lot so hard the rear tire of my bike flew off the rack. Funny. We camped down the highway about 6 miles from the village, right beside some railroad tracks. Dirtbag style. Back at the mountain the next day for a bit more riding. I was so beat i called it early. We took off about 2 , stopped by Shannon Falls in Squamish and ended up home around 10 pm.

Just another weekend.

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bombing4x said...

Killer stuff. You'll have to take me there someday.