Sunday, May 20, 2007

Back to Growlers Gulch

I finally got back to Growlers Gulch which is in SW Washington. This is one of the areas where i first started riding singletrack and it's awesome.Twisty,turny N.W. trails is what i love. So green that it could'nt really get any more green. was a great day because it was Havilah's first mountain bike ride. She's my buddy Jim's daughter and she's 7.What a great thing to get kid's started mountain biking at an early age. Riding today was Jim, Havilah(7) Otto(9), Louis (11) and myself. We only did about 7 miles but it was great. Rain and all. Check out a vid /slide show from the ride. Someday when all 5 of my kid's are riding it's gonna be crazy on the trails. Look out!