Sunday, February 11, 2007

Geting down to the wire

This was most likely the 2nd to the last weekend that I'll be riding around here for a long while. We're planning on leaving for our trip the first weekend in March and it's coming up fast. Anyway....hit up Falls city and the trails we're great until the rain hit. Conditions changed quick. Fooled around at Basic training for a bit then headed to the top. Some of the jumps we're under construction but it was still a good ride down. Saw some of the new stunts that are being built and they look good. Mtn Rider and Rosser were sessioning a cool skinny to log ride, so that was fun to watch. I need my derailuer too much to mess around on that. Flying J rode my Cliff Cat since both his bikes are broke ( Norco= snapped chain stay and demo being replaced by Specialized) Fun and wet day.

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