Sunday, September 03, 2006

Falls City

This a great area near a small town in western Oregon. Kind of a Freeride/Dh area but has some nice single track also. In fact they hold a big xc race "the falls city firecracker" every year.
The first time i was there was Oct of 03. I had just been riding my Stinky dlx for a month or so and we heard there was this place where we good do some jumps or something. Sounded good to me. It was me, Jaime,Ross, Ross Dad Jim,Bernie and leading this angry group was Dallas Steve and his cousin Dean. Who by the way was riding with front brakes only. Not too smart but if want to ride you don't let Mechanicals get in the way. It seemed like a long push/ride to the top of Mt. Brown and it still does. We tried a few jumps on the way up and were having a blast,even though they are so small you could roll 'em and not crash. Maybe. We got to see Dallas Steve drop off this 17 foot rock/cliff. We thought it was bigger but that's how it is when you keep it on the ground. When we got to the top it was a rough straight line style down and a few jumps along the way. Things have really changed there in the last 3 years. About a mile from the parking area there a section called "Basic Training" Which was created out of the need to work up from smaller jumps and stunts to the bigger ones. Great idea. There's some small gap's, drops and some skinny's. I think they're plannin on doing more low impact/low to ground intro stuff an that's sweet. My kid's will love that. Trail's like Granny's Kitchen,Sictner Nar,Bonzi, Sunday Stroll and others will test your skill and your co-payment. There's a dedicated group of builders who work with the forrest dept. and that insures that this area will be there for many years. I've had many a good day here (year round) and plan to have more.
Check out for info,pic's and cool video.

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StageWest said...

Hack, If I were only 20 years younger, I'd probably try some of that crazy stuff!!