Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mt. St Helens

Riding next to an active volcano sound's like fun. Right? A few weeks back my Wife and i rode Ape canyon and the plains of Abraham right through the blast zone. It's not the most tech trail, unless you fall off a cliff or the mountain erupts, but it's a great ride just the same. The Ape canyon trail is a switch back climb through the forrest that escapes the blast back in 1980. Tall trees and a view of the Mtn here and there. At the top it changes so fast it's really strange. Almost like going from Hobbiton to the moon. In fact riding across the Plains of Abraham i felt like i was on the moon. With gravity. and i could breathe too. Riding on pumice rocks,ash and around and through other volcanic rock that i can't name, but my kid's could. Near where we turned around there some ridges that remind me of Fruita. Knife blade style, fast and skechy. We estimated the mtn to be about a half mile from us on the trail which seemed even closer when we realized it was smoking. my Wife asked " How do we know it's not going to erupt today"? I responded like the experianced rider and loving husband - " Just keep pedaling"
Great day and another notch on my Wifes bike. As always...if your in the area and the trail is not closed from recent eruptions you should ride this trail.

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StageWest said...

Nice shots and write-up Greg!

What a beautiful place.